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Can DarCorp Management (Park Ridge Apartments) Be the WORST Landlord In The State of Arizona? 6-22-2001 - Now adding Texas also...

Elsie Duarte (Community Director) Seeks to Evict Disabled Tenant Because of a $10 Error In A Rental Agreement They Admit THEY MADE!!!

Read About DarCorp's Fraud, Breach of Contract, and Abusive Treatment of A Disabled Tenant....

If You Are On Disability And Are A Tenant - You MUST Read This Important Legal Information.

UPDATE!!!!!! 3-20-2001 - DarCorp refuses to renew Mr. Woods' lease - a clear and prima facie case of retaliatory conduct because I stood up to them in court.

6-22-2001 - MORE TYRANNY! DarCorp's Jackbooted NAZI tactics haunt residents at one of its Texas properties! ADOLF would be PROUD of the unlawful and unconstitutional tactics used by DarCorp on its so called prisoners/residents..... SIG HEIL!!!!


A RealTour(tm) of The Simpson House In Henderson, NV! Yep - Homer, Marge, Bart & Lisa's house is now on line complete with full details, pictures of of creator Matt Groening vandalizing the Simpson house and Henderson's Mayor Gibson Proclamation declaring September 16, 1997 as Simpson Day in Henderson, NV!!

Looking for a Home? Need maps to find that house? E-mail yourself a map of the street and area you are thinking of buying into! Clickable Street Maps - ENTIRE USA!

Messages from beyond the gates of REAL ESTATE PURGATORY - the most regulated real estate market in the world!New York City, New York!

Free Real Estate Legal Forms! Free Real Estate Forms


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